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Don't let your original equipment torque converter hold back the increased power of your Tuner vehicle. If you've taken the time and money to improve the performance of your vehicle you don't want much of that new power lost to your old, stock, torque converter.

At Florida Torque Converter we can help you get ALL of the new power out of your performance enhancements Most people don't realize that the Torque Converter is set at the factory to match the stock engine performance. When you improve the engine's performance you may be losing some of the improvement to your old Torque Converter. Torque Converters are relativley easy to change but are often overlooked when making performance improvements. Torque converters MULTIPLY the torque during acceleration and are set to a stall speed that matches the performance curve of the engine. The stall speed is the point at which the torque converter is no longer multipling the torque. This is the top of the torque curve for the factory tuned engine. If you have increased the performance of your engine you should increase the stall speed of your torque converter to take full advantage of the improved performance.

At Florida Torque Converter we will customize the stall speed to match your power improvements. We also will use heavy duty parts and bearings with tighter tolerances than the factory to give you longer life and less power-robbing vibrations.


Florida Torque Converter


Torque Converter Parts

Diesel Truck Performance ConvertersAt Florida Torque Converter we take pride in our products. When we re-manufacture a torque converter we make it better than it was when it was new. We use remanufacturing techniques and materials that exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications. The end result is a BLUEPRINTED* torque converter that will perform better than the original.

Florida Torque Converter wants to help you get the most performance from your vehicle. Just tell us what your needs are and we will build a torque converter that will get the job done and hold up under the most extreme conditions.

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• We take the TIME to build quality into each and every Torque Converter we build.

• Our investment in the latest quality machinery allows our craftsmen to make sure your product is superior.

• From years of experience we have invented our own custom tools and fixtures to constantly improve the quality and efficiency of our operation.

• Thorough quality testing is performed on each and every Torque Converter before it leaves our facility.

 Performance Torque Converter Parts

* The term blueprinting in the automotive world means that every detail of the original specifications is checked and components are machined and balanced to fit together better, reducing vibration. The term also includes the use of parts and materials that exceed the original anufacturers specifications. The results of blueprinting a component extends the life of the component as well as reduces vibration transmitted to surrounding engine and transmission components.