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Torque Converter - Stall Speed

Fact: To get the best performance out of your vehicle you should tune the torque converter stall speed to the power curve of your engine.

The Craftsmen at Florida Torque Converter are experts at adjusting Torque converter STALL SPEED. We will work with you to match your stall speed to your engine performance and your driving characteristics.

A torque converter is a tunable device. Stall speed is determined by several factors, including the distance between the impeller and the turbine and the design of the stator. By properly modifying the converter's internal components, it's possible to alter the stall speed and create a torque converter that is tuned for a particular engine.

The stall speed determines how power will be delivered to the transmission under all conditions. Drag racing engines produce power at high RPM, so they will often use a converter with a high stall speed, which will slip until the engine is producing maximum power. Diesel trucks put out most of their power at low RPM, so a torque converter with a low stall speed is the best way to get moving with a heavy load.


High Performance Engines = Higher Stall Speed

Diesel and Towing vehicles = Lower Stall Speed

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