Florida Torque Converter

Florida Torque Converter

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Late Honda Identification Chart

Late Honda Identification Chart

  • We have the largest inventory of torque converters in stock ready to ship.
  • Our team of CRAFTSMEN build each Torque Converter to the highest level of quality.
  • Do-It-Yourselfer? No Problem. Just call and talk to one of our experts.
  • Custom specifications? We can set your stall speed to match your vehicle's power curve.
  • Custom Re-manufacturing Just For You

JEEP Performance


Here at Florida Torque, we can help you accomplish your Jeep Project.

If you have a Jeep Liberty with a 545RFE & Diesel Engine, check out our 13-35 SD which is also available with a lower stall to take advantage of a Torque Diesel Engine.

Need a Super Duty option for your Jeep with the 42 RLE Transmission? Well, we’ve gotcha covered!

Newer Jeeps with the 722.6 and ZF8HP26 Transmissions are no problem either. Call us for your Jeep converter solution!

"Green Diesel Engineering 'Hot Tune', 200 HP / 360 Ft-Lb. I just installed your LS-SD torque converter and wanted to provide feedback. I am extremely pleased with the improved performance. My Jeep can now use the power and torque the engine is capable of. Stop-and-go type driving seems to have about 3-4 mpg increase in fuel economy so far after about 60 miles of driving. Great product! I should have done this sooner! :) please post this if you would like to.

2005 Jeep Liberty 2.8L Diesel 545RFE Transmission
Ken R, MI"

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We also do Allison 643 Torque Converters, Forklift Torque Converters & Industrial Converters

Why Florida Torque Converter has the best quality on Stock, Performance and Diesel Performance Converters

At Florida Torque Converter we take pride in our products. When we remanufacture a torque converter we make it better than it was when it was new. We use remanufacturing techniques and materials that exceed the original manufacturer's specifications. The end result is a BLUEPRINTED* torque converter that will perform better than the original.

Unlike other "mass produced­ remanufactured torque converters, our technicians keep all of the original torque converter parts together during the remanufacturing process to assure a matched set of components. Other remanufacturers disassemble hundreds of torque converters and mix all of the parts in large bins. Our experience shows that keeping the parts together results in improved quality.


  • We have thousands of Torque Converters in Stock and ready to ship.
  • If you don't see the Torque Converter you need in our catalog, call us 1-800-790-0039 and one of our experts will tell you how fast we can remanufacture yours.
  • If you want to change the stall speed or need any other custom changes just ASK. We can customize any torque converter to your specifications.

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*The term blueprinting in the automotive world means that every detail of the original specifications is checked and components are machined and balanced to fit together better and reduce vibration. The term also includes the use of parts and materials that exceed the original manufacturers specifications. The results of blueprinting a component extends the life of the component as well as reduces vibration transmitted to surrounding engine and transmission components.

We also do Allison 643 Torque Converters, Forklift Torque Converters & Industrial Converters

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